1. Hot & Cold lamination
  2. Variable set temperature
  3. 13 positions for every 50C of temperature (80~1400C)
  4. Laminate up to 4"(100mm wide) - MR-4Q1
    Laminate up to 12"(320mm wide) - MR-12Q1
  5. Convenient system for easy operation
  6. Useful for office as well as home
  7. Low cost and durable
  8. Compact & portable design
  9. Wide range of films and paper thickness can be used
  10. Carrierless Lamination


Classification MR-4Q1 MR-12Q1
Weight 2.3kg 6.2kg
Dimension(mm) (WxLxH) 250x150x85 500x185x85
Max. laminating width 100mm  
Power consumption 200W  
Power supply 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V/50HZ, 60HZ
Laminating speed 483mm/min 735mm/min
Temp. range 00C-1400C

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